Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TL;DL Vol. 3A - Trackin' Yr Covers

When you have ridiculous amounts of free time, but no ambition, you think of little ways to pass the day. One thing I enjoy doing is taking cover albums/tribute albums and recreating them using the original artists. Yes, I am a sad creature. Don't rub it in. Anyway, I've done just that with the previous entry, thus producing TL;DL Vol. 3A - Trackin' Yr Covers. Our very first subset compilation!

01 - The Fall - Hip Priest
02 - Dicks - Wheelchair Epidemic
03 - Johnny Kidd And The Pirates - Shakin' All Over
04 - Grand Funk Railroad - Sin's A Good Man's Brother
05 - Swell Maps - Loin of the Surf
06 - The Weirdos - Life Of Crime

Download Trackin' Yr Covers

Track 1 from Hex Enduction Hour by The Fall
Track 2 from 1980-1986 by Dicks
Track 3 from 25 Greatest Hits by Johnny Kidd And The Pirates
Track 4 from Closer To Home by Grand Funk Railroad
Track 5 from A Trip to Marineville by Swell Maps
Track 6 from Weird World, Volume 1: 1977-1981 by The Weirdos

TL;DL Vol. 3 - Coverin' Yr Tracks

Yikes, talk about people with little to no attention span. It's been months since I've posted anything here. Well, such is life. Hopefully this latest offering will make it up to the diehards and any suckers who wandered in here by accident.

Like many people, I've got a soft spot for a good cover tune. Hearing an interpretation of an old favorite can be a great introduction to a new band. Or listening to a band you like pay homage to their influences can get you into bands you may have missed the first time around. Or maybe it's all a lot of karaoke. Whatever it is, I think they're a lot of fun and so I'm sharing with you a small sample of favorites. Some stay pretty true to the original, like Monster Magnet's version of Grand Funk Railroad's "Sin's A Good Man's Brother". Others like "Shaking", a Cows cover of "Shakin' All Over" by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, take things in a whole new direction. For example, the original does not start with the line, "Girl you know I love it when you make my asshole bleed." Who knew?

I have tons more I wanted to post, but I whittled it down to these six. This will most likely be the first in a series, so if you have any suggestions feel free to speak up in the comments section.

TL;DL Vol. 3 Coverin' Yr Tracks

01 - DUSTdevils - Hip Priest
02 - The Jesus Lizard - Wheelchair Epidemic
03 - Cows - Shaking
04 - Monster Magnet - Sin's A Good Man's Brother
05 - Come - Loin Of The Surf
06 - Dwarves - Life Of Crime

Download Coverin' Yr Tracks

Track 1 from Struggling Electric & Chemical by DUSTdevils
Track 2 from Bang by The Jesus Lizard
Track 3 from Daddy Has A Tail by Cows
Track 4 from Spine Of God by Monster Magnet
Track 5 from Wrong Side by Come
Track 6 from He Put The Bomp! In The Bomp by Various Artists

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TL;DL Vol 2 - Drone Therapy

In our first mix we explored rage and the release of said rage. I also explored this when cursing someone out at the grocery store recently. Because the outside world can be such a nightmare, I often listen to music that helps me zone out while wandering around. Repeating, "calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean," over and over again wasn't helping and it was drawing unwanted attention.

So, dear reader, I present you with TL;DL Vol 2: Drone Therapy. Thirty-odd minutes of hypnotizing sounds to keep your mind occupied while the universe keeps expanding and irritating.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

01 - dustdevil & crow - kamchatka
02 - Grails - PTSD
03 - Atlantic Drone - For Arizona
04 - An Emerald City - Moon
05 - Tarentel - Where Time Forgot

Download Drone Therapy

dustdevil & crow is a project by Bendle (The Window and The Door) and Michael Duane (DUSTdevils). They very graciously share their creations here.

Atlantic Drone is a band headed by the superb artist and illustrator Steven Cerio. Their debut album can be found here and you can order the 2nd album along with prints and stuff here.

Finding An Emerald City's records is near impossible, but you can buy the songs in several formats here.

Grails and Tarentel aren't all that hard to find, but you can get lots of their stuff at Temporary Residence at fair prices and, in my experience, the service is great.

Track 1 from while speaking softly you can hear the insects sing by dustdevil & crow
Track 2 from Take Refuge in Clean Living by Grails
Track 3 from Atlantic Drone by Atlantic Drone
Track 4 from Circa Scaria by An Emerald City
Track 5 from Ghetto Beats On the Surface Of The Sun by Tarentel

Friday, July 23, 2010

TL;DL Vol 1 - Can I Scream?

And here we go!

I don't know about you, but the world is really pissing me off a lot lately. Oil spills, pointless wars, Europeans coming here and riding bicycles on the sidewalk when the law clearly states you must ride in the street...I could go on for ages! The point is, when I get angry, sometimes it helps to listen to music by people who sound even angrier. So I present to you, dear readers, the very first Too Long;Didn't Listen mini mix: Can I Scream? Tension relief in under 20 minutes without any goddamn Buddhist chanting or chimes. Suck on that, Beastie Boys!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

01 - Alec Empire - Everything Starts With A Fuck (Part 1)
02 - Alec Empire - Everything Starts With A Fuck (Part 2)
03 - Cutting Pink With Knives - St Lazare
04 - Refused - New Noise
05 - Queen Adreena - A Bed of Roses
06 - Laughing Hyenas - Everything I Want
07 - Queens Of The Stone Age - You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire

Download Can I Scream?

The image above was taken from Health's video to "We Are Water", directed by Eric Wareheim and, as you can probably guess, some seriously bad stuff is going down. Holy crap! See the video here

Tracks 1&2 from Intelligence and Sacrifice by Alec Empire
Track 3 from Populuxxe by Cutting Pink With Knives
Track 4 from The Shape of Punk to Come by Refused
Track 5 from Drink Me by Queen Adreena
Track 6 from Life of Crime by Laughing Hyenas
Track 7 from Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age


Greetings and welcome to my new blog. It's a hectic world out there and you don't always have time to find music for the soundtrack of your life. Sure, there are tons of places to read about and download music, but did you know that some albums can run 40 minutes or longer? Longer than 40 minutes? Who has that kind of time? You're a busy person always on the go. You have cyberstalking and twittering to do and frappuccinos to drink. That's why we're here.

We here at Too Long; Didn't Listen understand your needs and will do everything we can to give you maximum variety in as short a time as possible. ADHD isn't a condition. It's a way of life.